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What are Pesticides?

Pesticides are substances meant for attracting, seducing, and then destroying, or mitigating any pest.They are a class of biocide. The most common use of pesticides is as plant protection products (also known as crop protection products), which in general protect plants from damaging influences such as weeds, plant diseases or insects. This use of pesticides is so common that the term pesticide is often treated as synonymous with plant protection product, although it is in fact a broader term, as pesticides are also used for non-agricultural purposes.

Why are Pesticide Necessary?

1. Pests can affect our quality of life eg. Termite can damage crops and buildings, disease can kill crops, weeds can destroy the sensitive habitats or compete with your main crops and cause great loss to crop yield .

2. Protecting crops from insects, pests, weeds and fungal diseases while they are growing.

3. Protected harvested crops while they are stored.

4. Safeguarding human health by stopping food crops being contaminated by Fungi.

In addition to follow the label direction consider these tips when using Pesticides

1. Make sure children,Pets keep out of the area before mixing or applying Pesticides.

2. Proper wearing of cloths that will protect you.

3. Mix Pesticides outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

4. Read the first aid instructions on the label before using the Product.

5. When applying Pesticides as spray or dust avoid windy conditions if necessary spray with the wind direction.

6. After using Pesticides wash your hands before smoking or eating.